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Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

Process for Reporting Concerns About Care & Use of Animals

The University of Washington investigates any allegations of suspected misuse of animals or deficiencies regarding the care and use of research or teaching animals.

An individual reporting a suspected deficiency need not identify him/herself to make a report. Additionally, UW policy and Washington State law protect employees from reprisal or retaliatory action for reporting concerns.

To make a report or discuss a concern or perceived problem, please use one of the contact options provided below.

Office of Animal Welfare
Box 357160
Seattle, WA  98195

UW Compliance Reporting
Financial Fraud and Ethics Violation Reporting Process

NAVEX Global Ethics and Fraud Reporting (A contracted company to process reporting and compliance.)

​The reported deficiency or problem will be investigated and reported to the UW IACUC.​​​​

Individuals who reported concerns anonymously can view IACUC meeting minutes on this website in order to see the results and maintain their anonymity.​